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naruto_fandom's Journal

Naruto graphics and more
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A community dedicated to Graphics (Icons, Layouts, Fo banners,amv,ect) and anything relating to the fandom Naruto.

Discusions alowed. You want to talk about the lates chapter/episode. That is welcomed to.

Possible Icon contest in future once there are enough memebers/banner makers/Contest mods are found.

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This little list here....Follow it. It will make your viewing here pleasent and the mods one less headache. These are not to be mean or rude any way. They are here to stop problems seen in other communities. Please follow them.

1:NO DRAMA!! period. We deal with it enough in our lives. Why bring it to something that brings you joy. If it is a serious problem contact the mods.
2: NO FLAMES!!! No flame wars in post or comments. Drama and Flames will take you out of this community.
3: Crediting. Do it if asked to. Anything that is stated at this communities MUST be credited.
4:When posting there must be three teasers before the LJ-cut
5: Same sex graphics alowed. Lj-cut. Make sure to state it is not work safe/ PG13/NC17/R. If this gets out of hand and is TOO graphic this chance will be lost.
6: Spoilers: for all that is sane! Lj-cut all spoilers!!! Manga- Anything after Kakashi's side story is spoiler. Anime-Anything after Naru/Sasu fight is spoiler. Movies- 1st movie is okay. As soon as the second and third come out. SPOILER!! DUH!
7: Lj-cut!Lj-cut!Lj-cut!Lj-cut!Lj-cut! Can not be stated enough. 4 or mor Icons they get put under a cut. Layouts/Fo banners under cut peroid! Spoilers- under cut!
Lj-cuts are simple. <*lj-cut*> Put graphics/info here<*/lj-cut*>(take the stars out of code to work!!!)
8:Other graphics are welcome as long as there is Naruto in there somewhere. For Icons at least 3 or more Naruto icons must be in the batch.
9:Discussions: They are alowed. Please dont be too much of a fangirl/boy. Example: like omg!! squee the new episode is the hawt!! NO!! You can ask what others thought of the new chapter/episode. Anything relating naruto. Brithday shouts to characters,voice actors info, amv's,character info, ect.
10:Keep it clean. There are kids here guys. If it is Risque-girlxgirl/guyxguy/guyxgirl/Not work safe LJ CUT IT!! Plese state ABOVE the cut what is under it.

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If person askes for credit give it to them. People like credit for things they make!
For layouts and Fo Banners - Put it in your User Info.
For Icons crediting is easy. On the Lj upload page where it says keywords place what the icon is. Comments is where you put who made it.

Please use our banner to promote and put in your User info if taking anything that belongs to the community.

Graphis and More

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Request are allowed. Take it slow though. It takes time to make these things.
If Request start getting to many. I will put a cap on how many can be asked for.

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When posting this list can help you explain what is under the cut. Does not have to be used. It is a guide.

Characters: who is in the graphics, Naruto, Sasuke, Kakshi ect.
Style: Manga, Anime, fanart, Shoujo, ect.
Credit: your user name or icno journal that you wish credit to go to
Misc: any information you thing relevent including your teasers